TEDxNewburgh welcomes speakers from diverse backgrounds.  You can nominate another person, or nominate yourself! We are looking for speakers who are willing to give a talk which presents a clear, concise, and original idea, with the goal of both empowering the audience with knowledge and helping to foster a love of learning.   If you would like to propose a talk to our TEDxNewburgh Curation Team, please fill out the form below.  If you are nominating someone else, please list their name and contact information and a brief description of their work and we will follow up with an email to them.  Each person(s) nominated will have an opportunity to elaborate on his/her/their “idea worth spreading” in future correspondence.

The theme of TEDxNewburgh is Ebb & Flow. The rhythmical pattern of the Hudson River tides along the shores of our city inspired this year’s TEDxNewburgh theme. The factors which shape Newburgh and its residents are in constant flux; from change comes innovation, and from struggle, growth. We see these patterns in our rich history, in the people who walk our streets and in the hope and resiliency we see everyday in our city’s youth. We hope you will join us on May 18th as we work to share ideas, co-inspire and celebrate the thinkers, innovators and change makers in our community.

The proposal portal is now closed. We will get back to you soon!